Xiaomi-backed ‘Blackshark’ phone will be a absolute gaming beast

A phone specialized for gaming is an peculiar beast. We’ve seen a Razer Phone try to constraint this marketplace with churned formula — though a judgment has a fans, and it’s transparent that focusing a phone toward gaming is going to measure dividends with certain tools of a population.

It seems that Xiaomi is looking to constraint a possess partial of that pie, with a phone code-named “Blackshark.” Apparently being finished by Black Shark Technology, Xiaomi is sensitively subsidy this phone from a wings. But will a shark penetrate or swim? Here’s all we know about a Blackshark.


Sources for a phone exhibit few use of “Blackshark” and “Black Shark” when referring to a phone, and it’s many expected named after a association creation a phone — a aforementioned Black Shark Tech. However, it’s rarely probable that a phone will have a opposite name when it’s strictly revealed.



We don’t have most to go on with courtesy to a looks of a Blackshark, though what we do have shows a really engaging and singular design. In a universe of potion and steel smartphones, it seems that a Blackshark will be looking to mount out with a rugged-looking pattern that resembles a protecting box from UAG or Otterbox.

It’s transparent this won’t be a stylish trend-setter like a Huawei Mate 10 Pro or a iPhone X, and given a rubberized demeanour and corpulent looking sides, it’s expected that it’s not going to be a thinnest and lightest phone around either.

A dual-lens camera can be seen on a behind of a device, alongside an LED peep unit. The tip territory appears to be some arrange of ergonomic connection — presumably some arrange of controller appendage designed to assist in gaming. There’s no Xiaomi trademark on a back, in gripping with a company’s ostensible hands-off proceed — though there is a vast immature “S” suggestive of a Razer Phone’s branding.

According to the source, a Blackshark will be make-up an OLED screen, stereo speakers, and — excitingly — a fingerprint sensor inside a screen. Under-display fingerprint sensors are something of a holy grail in mobile tech right now, with usually one association carrying finished it rightly so distant — if Black Shark can lift this off afterwards it will be a large impact asperse for a phone.


If you’re going to pull yourself as a phone for gamers, or even as a media-centered device, afterwards you’re going to need a energy to behind those difference up. Thankfully for a Blackshark, it seems that it won’t be lacking any punch. Some of the initial leaks around this device showcased some unusually high specifications good on a standard with a flagship phones of a moment. An AnTuTu inventory for a phone shows a new and unusually absolute Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM, Android 8.0 Oreo, though a somewhat unsatisfactory 32GB of onboard storage. Hopefully it will come with expandable storage to boost that adult a little.

According to another source, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 inside a phone seems to be moulding adult to be an well-developed performer, scoring 2,452 in single-core tests and 8,452 in multi-core tests. By contrast, a extremely absolute Galaxy S9 scored somewhat lower, with 2,377 on single-core and 7,982 on multi-core. While benchmarks aren’t everything, this bodes good for a Blackshark.

Release date and price

There’s no word on an central recover date, price, or either this phone will be accessible in a U.S. However, a date has been set for a central reveal: Apr 13. Xiaomi has always been assertive with a pricing, so design this phone to be no some-more costly and presumably cheaper than a closest competitor, a Razer Phone.

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