You can now squeeze accessories for your new Razer phone from a Razer store online – though watch out for a shipping …

The prolonged awaited introduction of a Razer phone into Australia has finally happened, and now Razer has started promotion accessories for a phone to Aussies that are accessible by their online store.

The list of accessories includes USB-C cables, a accumulation of cases, a shade guardian and a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter. The list of accessories is sincerely basic, nonetheless given a miss of accessories for a phone here in Australia, if you’ve split out $1,099 for a phone we might need some.

The cases operation from a ‘Thin’ box which sells for $34.99, by a ‘Word’ case that is done of a durable, soft-touch silicon with microfibre middle backing and has a word RAZER emblazoned down a back, can be purchased in White, Green or Black for $54.95. Lastly, a Rugged case done of polycarbonate and ABS and facilities a soothing middle backing to strengthen your phone.

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The Tempered Glass Screen protector will set we behind $44.95, while a 1-meter prolonged USB-C to USB-C wire (which usually supports USB 2.0 speeds) sells for $34.95. Finally, that USB-C to 3.5mm dongle, that includes a THX Certified DAC, will set we behind $34.95.

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The pricing is decent, nonetheless it’s a shipping that’s a problem for Razer. There’s sincerely poignant shipping charges if we buy a singular item, nonetheless if we wish to squeeze a store of things Razer will offer giveaway economy shipping to Australia for orders over $129 – nonetheless in this day and age, they’ve combined a supplement ‘Additional tradition and tariff fees might apply’, so watch out for that. The dignified of a story is if we know a few other Razer phone owners, maybe rope together to squeeze a few accessories and get that shipping cost down.

We’ve not nonetheless gotten a hands-on with a Razer phone, nonetheless by all accounts it’s a flattering good phone, of march you’ll wish to strengthen it and get some accessories, so here’s your change – only watch out for those shipping charges.

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