You competence be means to buy a SNES Classic from ThinkGeek—but there’s a catch

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You don’t need us to tell we that Nintendo’s NES Classic and SNES Classic are notoriously tough to come by, with online restocks offered out in seconds and shoppers backing adult good before doors open for a possibility to collect adult a retro consoles.

It’s super frustrating, generally as a holiday deteriorate is good underway and everybody is looking for a hottest tech gifts. Nintendo is scandalous about underproducing a consoles, pissing off retailers and business alike. 

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When a hard-to-get consoles do go on sale, they’re mostly snatched adult by bots and re-sellers who post them on sites like eBay during a mark-up. To equivocate a insane rush and reseller interference, retailers are removing artistic with their sales tactics. Most recently Toys R Us had a SNES Classic accessible in stores only and Walmart expelled their batch over a camber of 3 days. (The consoles still sole out in seconds any day.) Still, direct heavily outweighs supply right now and ThinkGeek only announced a crafty new approach to discharge their latest conveyance of consoles.

According to a new page on their website, ThinkGeek has an undisclosed volume of NES and SNES Classic consoles sitting in their room right now. Rather than open online orders on a initial come, initial served basis, they’re holding a lottery for a possibility to sequence one of a desired consoles. Just enter your email residence and select that console we wish to buy, cranky your fingers, and wait. 

This is a full matter on ThinkGeek’s website:

We know that many of we who were anticipating to get a Nintendo NES or SNES Classic Edition for a holidays were unhappy by a miss of supply. We feel you. But there’s still some time left, and we’re perplexing to discharge them in a fairest approach we know.

We perceived a conveyance of NES and SNES Classics to a warehouse, and we’re holding a sketch to let we buy them but carrying to be during your internal store a impulse a lorry shows up. Because ain’t nobody got time for that.

All we have to do is pointer adult here, and if you’re one of those incidentally selected, we’ll email we with instructions on how to buy yours.

The sketch will take place on Dec 7, so we have a week to enter for your possibility during glory. In a meantime we can check out Mashable gaming contributor Adam Rosenberg’s tips on how to boost your chances of picking adult a SNES Classic subsequent time it goes on sale.

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