Young people spend about twice as most time examination Netflix as live TV, and even some-more time on YouTube

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Teens watch about twice as most Netflix as live TV, and they
watch even more YouTube, according to new research on some-more than
1,500 US teenagers by Trendera, consecrated by AwesomenessTV (which
produces video for 31 opposite platforms).

On average, teenagers spent 34% of their video time watching
YouTube, compared to 27% examination Netflix, and 14% examination live
TV. This puts YouTube and Netflix approach forward of their streaming
competitors: Hulu and Amazon came in during 4% and 3% respectively.

This isn’t a initial denote of YouTube and Netflix’s
ascendence. In a
recent survey
 of US college students, commissioned
by LendEDU, usually 8% of respondents pronounced they didn’t have a
Netflix account. This doesn’t meant immature people indeed pay
for Netflix, as 54% said they use a friend’s or family
member’s account. But during 92%, that is still an startling level
of assembly penetration.

In contrast, a
new Piper Jaffray survey
found that 55% of US teens
didn’t see a need for a wire or satellite TV
subscription, a series that has been usually rising for a last
few years. In 2012, usually 32% of teenagers surveyed suspicion they could
embankment wire and still get all a video they wanted online.

As to what inclination teens are using, topping
AwesomenessTV’s list was a smartphone (34%), followed by
mechanism (26%), and TV set (24%).

Here is a full list of video formats teenagers are watching, from
a Trendera/AwesomenessTV survey:


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