Your Galaxy S8 gets an critical refurbish though it’s not a one we unequivocally wanted

Like all of Samsung’s monthly confidence patches, it’s critical that all S8 users strike a download symbol a notation they see this refurbish land on their phones.

The Dec ascent appears to be accessible in areas including Germany, a UK, Spain, a Netherlands, and Poland and includes fixes for a series of Google issues along with 13 vulnerabilities specific to Samsung devices.

Although this latest recover will keep a S8 protected from any neglected bugs or cyber issues it’s not accurately what many fans will have been anticipating for.

A new gossip had suggested that owners of this comparison device were set for a most bigger and some-more sparkling ascent in a form of Android Q.

This new handling complement is now accessible for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 operation though there’s nonetheless to be an central proclamation about a recover on a S8.

However, according to a new news from a group during SamMobile that competence be about to change with an S8 patron observant they had been told by a Samsung support line deputy that Android 10 is on a way.

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