YouTube 360 video entrance to TV screens, diversion consoles soon

Watch and control YouTube 360 videos on a large screen

The updated YouTube app on Android TV will let we manipulate 360 video for your radio screen.

Do we like big-screen TVs? Do we like YouTube 360 video? Well, has Google got a underline ascent for you.

The association says a big-screen YouTube app will shortly accept an ascent to capacitate we to vessel around a many 360-degree videos accessible on YouTube, all from a comfort of your couch.

The ascent will arrive initial on Android TV inclination like Sony TVs and Nvidia Shield, afterwards come to a YouTube apps on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and 2017 4K TVs from Samsung and LG. The underline will hurl out to all of these inclination in a subsequent few months, according to Google’s spokesman, though some-more specific timing was not announced.

I got a possibility to check out an early chronicle of a underline during CES in Jan regulating a Shield, a $200 streaming/gaming box. The diversion controller’s joystick supposing a simple, healthy approach to control a panning, and playback was well-spoken and lifelike. This sold video was taken from a jet cockpit, and a outcome was unequivocally cool.

For TVs and other inclination that don’t have diversion controllers, we can use keys on a remote to vessel around.


An Nvidia Shield Android TV diversion controller panning around a YouTube 360 video.

Sarah Tew/CNET

360 videos are filmed with special cameras that fire in all directions simultaneously, mostly permitting users to control a camera to “look” in any direction. YouTube has offered 360 videos on a web site and mobile apps given 2015.


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