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While a shade competence “spread out” to a same distance as a 8+, a serviceable space for things like video or apps are not as vast as a 8+, that many reviewers seem to be blank a indicate of. Since we can’t uncover video partially vaporous by a camera bump, a tangible shade distance is reduction then. It is good that a altogether a smaller distance that is a one loyal advantage of nearby bezel giveaway designs, though a faith that we are removing a same serviceable space is not true.

Anyways, we would like to review about genuine people use this thing in a genuine universe in a nearby future.

Awesome! It unequivocally indispensable some love. Can’t wait to check it out.

Anything’s got to be an improvement!

What was so bad with a prior YouTube-app for tvOS? we have a “app” in WebOS on my LG OLED and we have formerly used a NVIDIA Shield TV that facilities a same YouTube-app and a worse compared to a tvOS app in flattering many any essential way. Its approach some-more cluttered, it doesn’t follow any kind of UX-guidelines from a OS it runs on, a list of videos we can crop by is unequivocally singular as we can’t even see half a volume of videos during once on my 65-inch TV compared to a tvOS app so browsing for calm is reduction efficient. Now if we wish to crop by your list of subscribed YouTube-channels we get a unconstrained list of straight icons with usually one channel on any quarrel so unless we allow to usually a unequivocally few people we get this unconstrained list we have to corkscrew through… On a tvOS-app we got a list with channels widespread over a whole shade both plumb and horizontally so we could entrance like 6x a volume of channels from one perspective compared to this version…

The prior tvOS YouTube-app was higher in each singular aspect that had to do with minimalistic, fit and user-friendly UX-design and it indeed rather looked like a app that belonged in tvOS.

The usually thing that was ungainly with a prior app was a miss of management. You couldn’t subscribe, unsubscribe, review or write comments regulating a app. we didn’t find this to be a problem as we would never write comments on my TV. For that we would use my laptop, desktop, phone or tablet. But not being means to allow to new channels and entrance a comments was a uncanny oversight.

But we would many rather not have entrance to those features, instead of removing this unequivocally horrible UX-design that creates a app demeanour and act distant worse.

All a people who constantly protest about a YouTube-app for tvOS, have we ever attempted regulating a app knowledge regulating WebOS, Android TV etc..? What accurately do we find improved with this cluttered experience?

That UI looks unequivocally …. dated? Like something we would find on an aged Nokia Symbian actor though maybe a also a dim calm in those samples distracting

Great, now it looks like a YouTube app on each Smart TV and my PlayStation 4 lol, many needed.

Kinda like a inexpensive barely-functional Smart TV counterpart.

Exactly. Its unequivocally out-of-date. Its cluttered, ugly, treacherous and a so horribly optimised in terms of regulating a space on a vast TV. When browsing for subscribed channels and videos we get singular to a perspective that shows we so few options that it becomes silly. On a 65-inch TV we can still usually see about 4-5 channels and videos listed during once, while on a prior tvOS-app we could see about 3-4x a volume of channels and videos displayed during once. Browsing for calm is usually so bad on this experience.

And a actor and all doesn’t follow a UX-guidelines, not during all. And they seem to have private a auto-switching arrangement mode support? So a have indeed private essential tvOS 11.1 facilities in a new app? Why? is unequivocally due for a overhaul. But we can gamble that once a get a renovate it will still take about 2-3 years before Google gives a tvOS-app a same updates….

Ok, though no 4K means we will never use it

How applicable is 4K support for YouTube? Most calm are 720P-1440P and half a 4K calm is hobby plan regulating apparatus creation it barley demeanour any improved than 1080P and rather a indeed worse.

One could disagree that 1080P@60 indeed looks crook due to a boost in suit fortitude compared to 4K@30 so because insist on carrying 4K support for YouTube in sequence for we to even cruise regulating it? Seems like a rather ridiculous direct if we ask me.

Netflix needs to be next.

Why exactly? Whats wrong with a Netflix-app? It seems to be doing accurately what a ostensible to do and compared to each other streaming use app it doesn’t seem to offer a UX-design and knowledge that is any worse than it competitors? A refurbish could presumably make lay worse.. Just like this new YouTube-app update..

More like Apple still hasn’t enabled 4k for YouTube given they exclude to support a kingship giveaway VP9 codec, ancillary usually HEVC given they make income liscening it out to streaming services. Yet another instance of a Apple Tax tough during work.

Google don’t need VP9 Profile 1 and Profile 2 support in a local video player. Why would they? With this new YouTube-app they don’t even use a local video actor for playback.. They use their possess from

When a people behind Infuse are ideally able of creation their possess video actor for tvOS that supports acceleration of flattering many each video codec in existence and creates all video files play ideally on a tvOS, even YouTube Original/Red 4K HDR VP9-Profile 2 videos one would trust that Google would be able of doing a same thing?

I gamble a reason because Google doesn’t wish to is in sequence to pull Apple into creation a agreement with Google for chartering a VP9-codec. They wish that a miss of 4K/HDR YouTube will give adequate recoil that Apple will re-consider a inclusion of VP9 in a future.

And even-though VP9 is kingship giveaway doesn’t meant it comes though a license. Google has some rather foolish mandate for companies that wish to utilize a codec, like we determine to never rivet in apparent transgression lawsuits with Google and several other things. Its flattering apparent that similar to such terms is not in Apple’s seductiveness during all.

It’s indeed some-more a box of Google insisting on regulating VP9, when flattering many each other height supports and uses h.264 (including Apple).

Google is awaiting Apple to support an wholly new codec that doesn’t have hardware decoding support in many chipsets. (VP9)

Apple is usually awaiting Google to use a codec that everybody else uses and has support on flattering many all hardware out there. (h.26x)

Google is a realistic one here.

Barley anyone uses h.264 for 4K calm due to record distance and a bandwidth compulsory to tide it though request approach too complicated compression. YouTube recommends 8-12 mbps for 1080P@h.264 that would meant 32-48 mbps for 4K@h.264 that is simply too many bandwidth to make it essential for many users. They indeed suggest we to use 35-68 mbps if we insists on regulating h.264 for 4K uploads.

As HEVC/h.265 and VP-9 Profile 1 and Profile 2 are many some-more fit we can in speculation cut a bandwidth in half and get about a same video quality. So instead of requiring 35-68 mbps we would be looking during 17.5-34 mbps. Still a lot though many better. This is a solitary reason because Netflix requires HEVC-supported hardware in sequence to give we 4K HDR calm as they usually make it accessible regulating HEVC encoding.

VP9 has been around longer than HEVC. Chromecast, Roku and Fire TV all support VP9, along with roughly each 4K Smart TV. But sure, Google is being stubborn.

They are realistic in a hint that they need a use of their possess home-brewed codec that hardly anyone else uses. The marketplace has staid on HEVC/h.265, that’s usually how it is. And Google has brought this on themselves by severely tying a interest of VP9 by carrying some unequivocally foolish chartering requirements. Its good that they done it royalty-free though what good is that when they request all kinds of nonsense that companies have to approve with in sequence to use it?

Wow. Does this app suck. The aged chronicle was barebones though we could indeed navigate around with palliate and speed. The usually emanate being a subscription refurbish problem.

The new one, a navigation is horrible and unusable. large delays when we try to do something, afterwards it skips 6 videos as we try to scroll. The latency is an comprehensive joke.

Hulu used to have a misfortune UX, afterwards PrimeVideo came out and took a crown. YouTube’s response? “hold my beer”. This app creates a other dual demeanour inspired.

Unbelievably bad.

I entirely agree. The prior app was minimalistic, fit and candid UX-design. You had a good overview of all applicable content. You could simply and well crop by your subscribed channels, videos etc with palliate and get a garland of calm displayed during once with no fuzz.

This new knowledge is a same cluttered disaster that each other height features. Its a CO 1:1 duplicate of a experience. It looks and feels out-dated and we can usually perspective 1/3 of a volume of video calm and subscribed channels during once on 65-inch TV’s compared to a prior tvOS-app.

They don’t follow UX-guidelines during all.. They have changed divided from regulating a local tvOS video actor over to regulating Google’s unequivocally possess with UX-design and playback controls that don’t feel healthy for tvOS during all and it doesn’t even support a involuntary arrangement mode switching like a prior app did….

The usually good thing with this app is a capability of doing subscribed channels and observation comments that for some reason was blank in a prior app. Everything else is simply worse in flattering many each way.. And even when going with their possess video actor they have still not combined support for 4K/HDR/VP9… Why switch video players if we don’t even worry with adding this? There is no advantage of regulating this video actor during all, we usually lax support for involuntary arrangement mode switching… Great job, Google.

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