YouTube Can Sell Fake Views, Not TV

  • by Wayne Friedman
    , Staff Writer,


Dubious digital sellers have finished a business of offered feign views to boost YouTube views.

And that leads to a some-more normal metric question: Ever try to buy a Nielsen TV rating
point to urge a show’s image? It can’t be done. 

There is no TV ratings seller on your area dilemma whispering: “Need some TV ratings points? Got some right here.
Cheap.” It’s tough to buy TV ratings points formed on a sealed Nielsen complement of a row of respondents.

But in a easy-going, furious west of digital media — generally on YouTube —
content owners can be convinced in a large approach by a sale of user digital data.

The New York Times talked to one English
 who was looking to sell a book of poetry. She hired a publisher to traditionally marketplace and ventilate her book.



Instead, a association went out and spent $270 for 55,000
YouTube “views” from a association that sells that kind of stuff. Since those views were only numbers, not people, formula were nonexistent. No boost in sales.

It isn’t only
“fake views.” One can also buy “likes,” “friends” and other information to make we demeanour good. But not most else. Musicians on YouTube are a vital buyers of
“views,” according to reports.

Google’s YouTube has been perplexing to understanding with this for years — and claims that feign views now contain only 1% of a total.

have been complaints and lawsuits for decades destined during Nielsen about TV ratings mishaps by TV networks, TV stations and other media sellers. No, this doesn’t consecrate “buying”
of TV ratings points.

But for many, most of this has led to a dangerous subsequent step in a digital media world: Ongoing rascal when it comes to anticipating ways to uncover off how large we are in media
and entertainment.

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