YouTube presentation offers to resume a paused video on your Chromecast-connected TV

If you’re examination a YouTube video on your Android phone and postponement it afterwards pierce to another app, we competence start saying a new notification. It will offer we a choice to resume playback, not on your phone though on your TV. Obviously we need to have a Chromecast-connected TV or an Android TV on a same network for this to work.

The presentation popped adult for me yesterday while we was in bed throwing adult on a Champions League goals, though we discharged it given we was divided from a NVIDIA SHIELD in my vital room. Fortunately a tipster got it, took some screenshots, and attempted it. The presentation can be stretched and incited off, if we don’t wish to see it again, or if we daub it, it’ll spin on your TV and continue personification there. The presentation will afterwards apparently switch to a now personification interface with media controls.

This is super neat, as it creates it really easy to go from examination something on your phone to casting it on a large screen. we know we can manually expel within a YouTube app, though this is some-more a available expectation of what we competence wish to do next. It’s also a initial time we see Google charity to resume playback on a opposite medium. we wish this for song too.

Both a tipster and we saw a presentation yesterday for a initial time and are on a somewhat comparison YouTube chronicle 12.44.53 (APK Mirror), so it competence be a server-side switch though it could have rolled with that chronicle 3 days ago and we only happened to mark it. I’m not home now so we can’t exam to see if it works with a newer 12.44.56, though contingency are it should as well.

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