YouTube TV Adds 7 More Streaming Networks

When YouTube TV was announced during a finish of February, it didn’t seem like a best value for your money. For $35 a month, business had entrance to live shows from about 40 networks. Unlimited DVR space was a outrageous plus, though a cost comparison with cable, satellite, and other streaming services like Netflix left us wanting more.

And now that Hulu has a possess live TV service, a competition is heating up. Hulu is usually $5 some-more per month though business have entrance to live TV from over 50 channels and all of a movies, TV shows, and strange Hulu calm that was accessible with their aged subscription format. Will adding 7 networks to YouTube TV be adequate for impending customers?

Well, that competence count on what we like to watch. YouTube TV now includes 5 channels from AMC Networks (AMC, BBC America, IFC, Sundance TV, and WeTV) and dual Spanish-language channels (Telemundo ane Universo). So if we can’t wait for deteriorate 8 of “The Walking Dead” or telenovelas are your guilty pleasure, afterwards this could be a right use for you. As of now, nothing of these channels are accessible on Hulu with Live TV Beta.

When we initial told we about YouTube TV, one of a stipulations was that it compulsory Google Chromecast. This $35 device turns a unchanging TV into Google’s chronicle of a intelligent TV. Paying for additional hardware was substantially a spin off for some business so YouTube motionless to give them away. For a singular time, new YouTube TV business will receive a nominal Google Chromecast.

However, there’s a slight catch. They will send we a device after we finish your one-month giveaway hearing and make your initial payment. So during a hearing period, we can’t watch YouTube TV on an tangible TV. The use also works on computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Another thing to cruise is that distinct Hulu’s service, YouTube TV isn’t even accessible to everybody yet. Right now, usually residents of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and a San Francisco Bay area can pointer up. If we try to pointer adult though we don’t live in one of these areas afterwards they will email we once it has launched in your city.

Hulu looks like a improved choice until we review their feedback page. Although it’s accessible everywhere, it’s still in beta so Hulu wants submit from their customers. The top-rated reviews state that a new blueprint is “terrible,” “annoying,” and not as user-friendly.

Until YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV Beta overcome these challenges, maybe you can try other options. Click here to see how other streaming media players compare.

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