YouTube TV Announces Known Issues on The Apple TV, Xbox, & Nvidia Shield

Latin lady looking unhappy during her laptopscreen, sitting behind her table during a office.Latin lady looking unhappy during her laptopscreen, sitting behind her table during a office.Having difficulty with YouTube TV? You competence not be alone yesterday YouTube TV staff posted an official bug list on Reddit. This list enclosed famous issues for a Apple TV, Xbox, Nvidia Shield.

Here is a full list of famous issues YouTube TV posted on Reddit yesterday:

Here’s a stream list of a famous issues we’re experiencing. Maybe we can pin this to a tip of a sub?

Apple TV

  1. Resolution on live channels incidentally degrades to 240p or 144p and gets stuck.
  • Workaround: Changing channels and behind (i.e. restarting playback) or manually bumping peculiarity behind adult around a peculiarity selector should revive HD.
  • Status: We’re doing experiments and operative with Apple to try and base means this issue. We have a suppositional repair in poke as of 2/11 that competence assistance that we’re monitoring.


  1. Crashes during playback of live channels. A repair only went to 100% poke on 2/12; so greatfully check for an app refurbish if you’re still experiencing this.


  1. Playback of live/DVR infrequently immediately fails. We’re now questioning this, no base means identified yet

Have we had these issues? Leave us a criticism and let us know.

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