YouTube TV Extends Their Guide Data

Ever consternation what your favorite channel will be display tomorrow? With YouTube TV we can now demeanour over brazen inside a guide.

Yesterday on a /r/YouTubeTV subreddit some readers beheld that YouTube TV has extended their beam data. When YouTube TV initial launched we would usually be means to demeanour brazen a few hours. Now YouTube TV has extended it permitting we to demeanour over into a destiny on a YouTube TV guide.

From a best we can tell we can now demeanour brazen 24 hours. Hopefully YouTube TV will supplement a ability to go several days into a destiny permitting we to simply set adult a DVR recording if we devise to transport out of a nation for example.

This is one some-more new YouTube TV underline that was recently sensitively added. YouTube TV also recently combined a ability to collect between on-demand and DVRed recordings for some channels from a My Shows area. No longer do we have to hunt for a DVRed recording—it will only uncover adult there as an option.

YouTube TV also recently stretched their on-demand library for many networks including CBS. This gives YouTube TV subscribers entrance to even some-more calm than they had before.

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