YouTube TV is Adding The CW in Select Markets

Last Night YouTube TV started contacting subscribers in markets like San Antonio and Nashville to let them know that The CW has been combined in their markets. YouTube TV has nonetheless to make any central announcement but we now have mixed reports that The CW is now being combined in new markets.

As best we can tell it looks like YouTube TV is adding The CW networks owned by Sinclair. Sinclair now owns 31 The CW affiliates opposite a United States. Now don’t design them all to uncover adult currently though this is good news as it expected means they will solemnly be entrance to YouTube TV in a weeks and months to come.

Here are a few of a other markets Sinclair owns The CW in Birmingham, AL; Fresno Visalia, CA; Fort Peirce West Palm Beach, FL; Baltimore, MD; Minneapolis St. Paul, MN; Columbus, OH; and more. You can find a full list of affiliates Sinclair owns HERE.

Hopefully, this means that Sinclair owned The CW affiliates will be entrance to other services like Hulu, fuboTV, DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, and others soon.

Did we notice YouTube TV supplement The CW in any other markets? Please leave a criticism and let us know what marketplace The CW was combined to on YouTube TV.

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