YouTube TV learns not to spoil a game, expands to Charleston, WV and SC

Spoilers suck. Whether you’re enjoying some books and a TV array gets forward of itself (Game of Thrones, you’re passed to me), or your friends usually can’t conflict divulgence a turn during a finish of a good movie, spoilers severely hurt your appreciation for something. It’s about a tour as most as a destination, right? So sportsball fans that allow to YouTube TV can now configure for scores to be dark in a YouTube TV interface. Google has also stretched a TV use to Charleston, South Carolina and West Virginia. 

The routine to censor sports scores is documented on a new YouTube TV assistance page, and it’s really simple—though it’s now usually upheld in a YouTube TV app and desktop site. To capacitate it, all we have to do is open YouTube TV, open a 3-dot menu on a group or joining page, and toggle “Hide all scores for this team/league.”

This disables live previews for associated games (with a presentation explaining why, usually in box we forget later). So if we skip examination a few games, and conduct to a Schedule add-on for your group or league, we won’t be marred by a formula before we can locate up.

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