YouTube TV memberships can now be paused – Android Police

Pausing memberships isn’t something that many subscription services offer, yet YouTube TV is now fasten that singular club. In a (probably flattering rare) instance that you’d like to postponement your YouTube TV subscription, yet not totally cancel it, that’s now an choice according to YouTube TV’s support documents.

YouTube TV will concede your subscription to be paused for anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months. It looks like a categorical reason you’d do so instead of canceling it is to have your recordings continue to be saved while we go on your hiatus, yet a nine-month death date for recordings still applies. In a eventuality that we wish to resume your membership before to a lapse date you’d set, a date that we do that becomes a new monthly billing date.

If you’d like to implement this subscription pausing feature, only go to YouTube TV’s membership settings (or strike this link), click ‘Deactivate membership,’ afterwards ‘Pause membership.’

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