YouTube TV Now Offers 60 FPS on All Channels

Over a final few weeks, YouTube TV has solemnly been adding some-more channels to their 60 FPS line up. Now each channel on YouTube TV streams during 60 FPS if your device supports it.

What is FPS? Frames per second (FPS) tells we how many times a picture on your shade is rested each second. The some-more frames, a smoother a picture looks. For a scripted drama, 30 FPS will demeanour great; however, for faster action, such as sports, 60 FPS creates a movement demeanour smoother on screen.

Not all inclination support 60 FPS for YouTube TV. Currently, YouTube TV supports 60 FPS on a Chromecast Ultra, Nvidia Shield, Apple TV, iOS, some Roku devices, and a few Smart TVs.

As best we can tell YouTube TV is a initial live streaming use to offer all their channels during 60 FPS. (Possibly a few locals might still not be streaming during 60 FPS, though in a area ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC all tide during 60 FPS.)

Other streaming services also offer 60 FPS, though YouTube TV is a usually use with each channel during 60 FPS. Did we skip a use that does this? Leave a criticism and let me know.

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