YouTube TV Offers One-Week Credit After World Cup Outage

Google is charity YouTube TV subscribers a credit for one week of giveaway use after a internet-streaming TV use went down on Jul 11 — right in a center of a World Cup semifinal compare between England and Croatia.

“We’re unequivocally contemptible for a new YouTube TV outage during a FIFA World Cup Semifinal,” YouTube pronounced in an email to subscribers Thursday. “To assistance make this right, we’d like to give we a week of giveaway service.”

One week of giveaway YouTube TV amounts to $10, underneath a current $40-per-month pricing for new customers. Customers who sealed adult before Mar 13, 2018, on a strange $35 monthly devise are grandfathered in on that price.

The U.S.-wide outage of YouTube TV on Wednesday lasted a small over an hour before use was easy only before 1 p.m. Pacific.

In a summary to business Thursday, YouTube TV pronounced recordings of a England-Croatia compare (which Croatia won, 2-1) — as good as any other DVR recordings business had scheduled during a outage — should now be accessible in a “Library” tab.

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