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User Experience

You pointer adult for YouTube TV regulating a Google account. That’s also a login Google uses for unchanging aged YouTube, of march (among other things, like Gmail), and it was transparent that Google was regulating what it already knew about me to establish what calm it offered. Google knew that of a dual New York ball teams I’d be many meddlesome in watching, and it knew that I’d wish to see a playoff hockey diversion featuring my favorite group – an out-of-market group that is a holdover from before my family changed when we was a kid. YouTube TV’s laxity with my sincerely singular multiple of sports fandoms was considerable and a tiny unnerving. It even knew not to design me to watch many basketball.

I already knew, of course, that Google knows this things about you, though to see it used in a mint use that we had usually sealed adult for was… interesting. Whether we consider YouTube TV’s insinuate and unmerited believe of your passions and observation habits is creepy or accessible will go a prolonged approach toward last either or not we suffer YouTube TV’s calm find features.

YouTube TV Review - YouTube TV on iOS
The YouTube TV app on iOS

Those calm find facilities are laid out flattering neatly. In a YouTube TV app, we can name one of 3 tabs: Library, Home, and Live. The app defaults to Home. Your “Library” is populated by your use of YouTube TV’s cloud DVR feature. we gravitated to a Live TV tab, given we put a large reward on how spare bundles hoop channel surfing.

YouTube TV Review - YouTube TV channels as seen on a iOS app
The YouTube TV channel beam in a iOS app. YouTube TV channels are grouped roughly by category, with internal channels and vital networks during a top.

I was unequivocally gratified with YouTube TV’s take on live TV. First of all, we can bound right to a promote from a home page – YouTube TV’s calm find facilities will have some options picked out for you. On a live TV tab, we can collect a channel from a menu that serves as a simplified TV beam menu.

Once you’re examination live content, we can name a new channel from a menu while your tide one keeps playing. The menus problematic your video (on Roku, for instance, a shade darkens as a menu of white channel logos appears; on iOS, we have to switch to mural mode and corkscrew down, pulling a video out of view). But a sound keeps going, and we can make decisions quickly, interjection in no tiny partial to YouTube TV’s useful “Recently Watched” menu, that can be accessed quick and used as a some-more absolute chronicle of your wire remote’s “Return” or “Last Channel” button.


Sometimes it pays to be late to a party. While we’ve customarily complained about spare gold newcomers’ streaming quality, we’ve also seen a solid boost in channel preference given a early days of a business space. Norms are being established, and while pioneers like Sling TV are still traffic with a consequences of unsuitable calm deals (witness a coexisting streaming differences between Sling Orange and Sling Blue), we’ve seen some-more and some-more uninformed faces that uncover adult with a good channel selection, lots of internal content, and elementary calm classification from a get-go.

YouTube TV mostly lives adult to a high expectations for channel selection. Disney, Fox, and NBC properties coexist happily in YouTube TV’s bottom bundle, and a preference of internal and informal sports networks is flattering great. However, YouTube TV does miss Viacom channels like Comedy Central and MTV. That’s something that it has in common with competitors like fuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, and PlayStation Vue: Viacom has not been signing deals with spare bundles as straightforwardly as many other families of networks seem to have done.

YouTube TV’s preference of reward channels is flattering paltry. Showtime is on board, though there’s no pointer of HBO or a rest of a gang. Fox Soccer Plus, Shudder, and something called Sundance Now are your usually options besides Showtime.

All in all, YouTube TV’s preference is flattering customary of spare bundles. In my segment (New York City), we got 64 channels, including live internal feeds of all 4 vital networks and many (but not all) of a vital informal sports networks (SNY and YES, though not MSG).

YouTube TV also includes entrance to YouTube Red’s strange content, though it doesn’t take a ads out of unchanging aged YouTube – to do that, we still need to pointer adult for YouTube Red directly. As of this writing, there isn’t many reason to get vehement about YouTube Red’s strange content, though this attribute could get engaging if YouTube Red ever starts competing some-more severely with reward strange calm creators like HBO, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. But, again, a inclusion is flattering pardonable right now.

Review of YouTube Red

Streaming Quality

In an area where many spare bundles onslaught out of a gate, YouTube TV unequivocally blew me away. YouTube TV installed calm quickly, snapped into HD flattering many instantly, and proceeded to tide uniformly and though stop for a long, prolonged time. we was quite gratified with how it played on my Roku Ultra with a connected connection.

YouTube TV has a best streaming peculiarity I’ve seen out of a comparatively new spare bundle. In fact, it has a best streaming peculiarity I’ve seen out of a spare bundle, period. we got opening that was radically flawless on this front.

There’s a premonition to note here, of course: YouTube TV has been rolled out delicately marketplace by market. That’s not cheating, or anything, of course, though it’s also satisfactory to discuss that YouTube TV is not rebellious a plea of a full inhabitant rollout in a approach that a competitors did in their early days. It’s also satisfactory to contend that we don’t nonetheless know how YouTube TV will transport when it does finally hurl out nationally and deals with a beast streaming impulse like a Super Bowl.

But, for now, those of us that can get YouTube TV can get some unequivocally good streaming quality. we watched renouned live calm like sports playoff games and never mislaid my smooth-streaming HD. Maybe, when it comes to streaming, option convene is a improved partial of valor. YouTube TV is unequivocally clearly adult to a charge that it has combined for itself with this rollout strategy.


YouTube TV does not piggyback on a existent YouTube app. To watch it, you’ll need a apart YouTube TV app. YouTube TV is accessible on computers (via a web app) and mobile inclination (iOS and Android).

As for streaming boxes, YouTube TV has apps for Roku, Chromecast (cast from a mobile or web app), Apple TV, and Android TV. Notably absent is Amazon’s Fire TV platform, that we suspect shouldn’t be startling given a dual companies’ bent to get in spats. That leaves height support as a relations diseased indicate for YouTube TV.

I tested YouTube TV essentially on Roku and iOS.


So how many does YouTube TV cost? The YouTube TV cost clocks in during a unequivocally customary $40 per month. That’s a same cost we see from fuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, and PlayStation Vue (“Access” bundle). It’s also a cost we get when we sequence both of Sling TV’s bottom packages (Sling Orange and Sling Blue – normal prices $20 and $25, respectively). It’s a tough pricier than DIRECTV NOW’s cheapest charity (“Live a Little,” $35 per month).

In other words, this is a unequivocally customary cost point. You can compensate reduction if we scapegoat calm (see Philo’s super-cheap bundles, that miss sports and internal content; or Sling TV’s particular bottom packages, that make we select between Disney and Fox properties), though if we wish a gold that’s roughly this volume of skinny, afterwards you’re going to compensate something right around this price. So put YouTube TV’s cost down as “fair,” if unexciting.

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