YouTube TV Review for Cord Cutting Mississippi State Football Fans

If you’re a fan of Mississippi State football looking for cord slicing options, YouTube TV competence be a plain choice to consider.

The Mississippi State football group won their diversion opposite a Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns on Saturday night 56-10. we could write a lot about it, though in general, a diversion played out usually like we all suspicion it would. The Bulldogs were by distant a improved group and they played like it.

So we suspicion we would take a time now to give we information we competence find some-more useful. With a prices of satellite and wire radio stability to sky rocket, people are looking for ways to cut a cord. The problem Mississippi State football fans and many other sports amatory fans have had is it hasn’t always been easy to watch sports.

Well those times are changing. Many of a cord slicing options have started to supplement a ESPN family of channels, Fox Sports channels, and a Conference channels. I, like many of you, wish to cut down on my DirecTV bill, so we looked during my options.

After looking around, we motionless to give YouTube TV a try this weekend when a Bulldogs took on a Ragin’ Cajuns. YouTube TV offers a 7 day giveaway hearing before they assign a $40 a month and tax. So here is what we suspicion while we watched a Mississippi State football diversion on Saturday.

Picture Quality

At first, we suspicion we was going to be unequivocally disappointed. The design started off unequivocally pixelated, and it looked like it wasn’t going to be value keeping. But it seemed to usually take a few mins to settle in and afterwards a design was as good as anything we had on DirecTV and presumably better. The design looked good once it buffered a approach through.

Lag Time

One of a things that we was many meddlesome in was how most would a YouTube TV promote be behind a live Mississippi State Football game. I’m on Twitter for flattering most a whole game, and we wanted to know if I’d see tweets 3 plays forward of a streamed broadcast.

I was astounded to see that it wasn’t a box during all. we was also astounded to see it seemed to be about a full play behind during times while others it seemed to be right on a heels of a live action. But if we like to twitter during a game, we should still be means to do so.

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I’ve already told we a cost is $40 a month. That’s distant improved than what we compensate for DirecTV. YouTube TV has each channel we need not usually as a Mississippi State football fan, though as a sports fan in general. Plus, given we live in DeSoto County that is tighten to Memphis, all of a internal channels for a Memphis area are included. If we devise to switch, that competence be something we wish to check on. Not each internal marketplace is now available.

Overall, we was unequivocally pleased. I’m going to take another day or dual and make certain we still suffer it as most as we do now, though it looks like my longstanding attribute with DirecTV is going to come to an end.

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