YouTube TV subscription: YouTube TV subscribers can now press …

SAN FRANCISCO: Google-owned YouTube will now concede users to postponement their YouTube TV membership from 4 weeks to 6 months instead of undisguised cancelling it.

“You can cancel or postponement your YouTube TV membership during any time. When we cancel or postponement your membership, you’ll still have entrance to YouTube TV until a finish of your remuneration period,” YouTube TV Help wrote in a post on Thursday.

Users would be means to postponement their memberships after their persisting billing cycle is completed.

“When your paused state ends, we will automatically be charged during your normal monthly cost for a new month of service, and that date becomes your new billing date,” a post added.

During a pause-period, conjunction a user nor a common members would have entrance to YouTube TV and no new programme would be recorded, however, a formerly saved recordings would be saved until a finish of a paused state.

Users would be authorised to un-pause and resume their membership during anytime before a scheduled resume date and a date of resuming would be taken into care as a new billing date.

The subscription is labelled during $40 per month and it comes with an accommodation of 6 accounts per domicile with personal logins, notifications and Cloud digital video recorder (DVR) with no storage limits.

YouTube TV stretched the programming progressing this year, adding networks like CNN, Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies and more.

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