YouTube TV refurbish adds notifications to get arriving show, film …

Following a release of apps for Android TV and Xbox final week, YouTube TV on mobile is adding useful reminders for when shows, movies, and other promote events air. These notifications are widely rolling out with chronicle 1.10 of a Android customer today.

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Upon updating to chronicle 1.10, YouTube TV greets users with a prompt for “notifications when your favorites air.” On each calm listing, subsequent to a “plus” symbol for saving, there is now a bell icon.

The initial time users navigate to a square of calm they will accept another educational for this underline to save a show, team, movie, or promote event, like an awards show. Users can usually get ubiquitous reminders for a uncover or game, and not some-more granular ones about a specific episode.

Meanwhile, settings adds a new Notification territory where users can see a centralized list of calm they are set to accept alerts for. Tapping takes users to a toggle where they can invalidate that specific reminder.

So far, this underline is rolling with version 1.10 on Android today, with that chronicle rolling out last week to iOS. It’s misleading either a web interface will also benefit this underline in a future.

youtube-tv-1-10-a youtube-tv-1-10-b youtube-tv-1-10-e youtube-tv-1-10-f

Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for some-more news:

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