YouTube TV vs DIRECTV NOW vs PlayStation Vue vs Sling TV vs FuboTV vs Philo vs Watch TV vs Hulu – Updated Apr 2019

Last week YouTube TV combined new channels and lifted a price. DIRECTV NOW also done a few changes this month. So now we take a demeanour during Sling TV, Hulu’s live TVYouTube TV, Watch TV, FuboTV, PhiloDIRECTV NOW, and PlayStation Vue with a hopes that we will make picking a right live TV streaming use easier. Typically we wouldn’t post a midst month refurbish like this yet with so many changes this month we wanted to refurbish this post with a latest channel lineup.

*Note this list is adult to date (as best as we can make it) as of Apr 19th, 2019.

Are we on a mobile device? Struggling to see a chart? Here is a PDF we can download for easier viewing.

First what channels any use offers:


*Almost all of a services offer locals including ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC yet they change by where we live. Please check a website of services we wish to try to see what locals are offering in your area.

*Due to stipulations of wise all a information on a page we are singular to a tip 8 live TV streaming services formed on subscriber numbers.

*Note: fuboTV have announced skeleton to supplement Viacom networks. When they are combined we will refurbish this post. 

Next, we should demeanour during that of these services works on a inclination we own:
*fuboTV has announced a understanding to supplement Viacom networks yet as of now they are not live on fuboTV.
*fuboTV, DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV embody several general packages.
*Most of a services offer internal channels in opposite markets. You can find out what locals are accessible in your area by visiting their sites.
*Hulu also includes entrance to Hulu’s on-demand service.
*Found an error? Please email us and we will repair it.

Note: DIRECTV has launch streaming versions of a satellite packages starting during $93 a month by a DIRECTV NOW app. For this guide, yet we will concentration on a DIRECTV NOW Plus and DIRECTV NOW Max, a dual new DIRECTV NOW packages that have transposed comparison DIRECTV NOW packages. If we would like to learn some-more about a streaming chronicle of DIRECTV’s satellite packages starting during $93 a month we can find some-more info here.

*DIRECTV Now offers a dedicated DIRECTV NOW box now in beta powered by Android TV. For now, yet no other Android TV device has an central DIRECTV NOW app.
**YouTube TV is entrance to a Fire TV yet as of now it is not live on a Fire TV.

Number of Streams

Sling TV will concede we to tide one or 3 streams during once depending on what package we pointer adult for. You can also use your Sling TV login for some apps such as WatchESPN.

PlayStation Vue will work on 5 inclination during once inside your house. Outside your house, we can use 1 streaming actor and adult to 4 mobile inclination during once. (You can learn some-more about PS Vue out of home manners HERE.)

YouTube TV allows for 3 streams during once both inside and outward of your home.

fuboTV allows 2 streams during a same time or 3 streams with a Family Share option.

Philo allows 3 streams during once both inside and outward of your home.

Hulu live TV  starts with 2 streams yet we can supplement some-more for $14.99 a month.

DIRECTV NOW offers dual streams. (DIRECTV NOW also offers a $5 appendage for a 3rd stream.)

Watch TV is singular to only 1 stream.


DIRECTV NOW comes with 20 hours of DVR storage for free. Later this year DIRECTV NOW will supplement an choice to buy 100 hours of storage.

Philo includes an total 30-day DVR, and on-demand programming.

PlayStation Vue offers a 28-day DVR and after 28 days a recording is removed.

Sling TV has a DVR and most of their channels have on-demand versions of a aired shows. Sling TV is offering 50 hours of DVR space with no time extent on how prolonged we can keep a recording for $5 a month.

YouTube TV will keep shows for 9 months with no storage space limits.

FuboTV offers 30 hours of personal cloud DVR storage with no death and an Advanced DVR for $9.99/month, that includes 500 hours.

Hulu live TV starts with 50 hours of storage. If we wish some-more storage or a ability to quick brazen we can compensate $14.99 a month to get that ability.

Watch TV has no DVR.

So what use should we pick?

Hopefully, this beam has helped we find a right service. If we are still wondering that is a best for we and your family a best thing to do is to try a giveaway hearing for FuboTVSling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu, PhiloPlayStation Vue, Watch TV, and DIRECTV NOW offer. Our idea is to give them a try and see if we like them. Check any service’s site for stream prices since they keep changing.

We updated a story on 2/1/2019 to supplement some blank channels.

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