YouTube TV Went Down During a World Cup and People Are Freaking Out

YouTube TV went down as soccer fans were examination a England Croatia diversion of a World Cup, and people were not pleased.

YouTube TV concurred a issues observant on Twitter, “Hey everybody — frank apologies for streaming issues with YouTube TV. The timing is terrible though we’re operative to be adult and using again ASAP!”

People were not really gratified with a conditions and uttered their regard on amicable media.

Some pronounced they even assimilated YouTube TV just to watch a World Cup. Users reported that they were incompetent to see a finish of a initial half of a diversion and are still watchful for a use to come behind on so they can watch a second half.

YouTube TV has been posting updates on a Twitter account, and is operative to repair a problem. However, impending a finish of a diversion with 10 mins left, a use still was not adult and using again.

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