YouTuber MKBHD gets hands-on time with a Asus ROG phone

Something to demeanour brazen to: When Razer expelled a initial smartphone to many certain reviews final year, it looked as if we finally had a handset that catered for gamers. At Computex final month, Asus suggested it had taken a thought to impassioned levels with a ROG phone. Now, we’ve schooled some-more about a device, interjection to YouTuber Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD.

As Brownlee notes, a ROG phone is a depart from many of today’s flagships when it comes to design. The device is thick, heavy, notch-free, and comes with mixed ports. The back fingerprint sensor is a far-reaching and an surprising shape, and it even comes with an RGB ROG trademark and a feverishness sink.

While a 2160×1080 OLED row is unspectacular, a 90Hz modernise rate is praised—the Razer phone has a 120Hz arrangement though uses an LCD panel. It comes with facilities and specs we would find in many high-end phones, such as face unlock, twin back cameras, and a Snapdragon 845, and, like a Razer phone, a span of stereo speakers that are pronounced to be really considerable and super loud. It also boasts 8GB of RAM, adult to 512GB of inner storage, a 4000mAh battery with discerning assign 4.0 support, and a headphone jack.

Much like a HTC U11 and Pixel 2, a ROG phone has squeezable sides that are mappable. This is quite useful in gaming mode when they turn “air triggers,” permitting we to perform opposite actions in games though restraint a shade with your fingers—making them identical to shoulder buttons on a gamepad.

There are a ton of other gaming-focused facilities in Asus’ phone, one of a many engaging being “X mode.” Activated with a prolonged squeeze, it increases a CPU time speed, frees adult RAM from credentials apps, turns on HDR, mutes incoming notifications, and lights adult a ROG logo.

Buyers of a Asus ROG phone also get a tiny fan in a box that keeps a CPU cold while personification games, with other accessories designed for destiny release.

There was no discuss of a cost or a recover date in a video, though it will be engaging to see how a ROG phone stacks adult opposite Razer’s device, and how renouned it proves with consumers.

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